[Diy_efi] Runaway turbo diesel?

don.broadus at exeloncorp.com don.broadus
Thu Sep 13 13:29:26 UTC 2007

That is good to know, got the Rhino lining on my truck, it's good stuff

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> That kinda settles the question of should I build a
> dyno cell or just run it on the open floor.

Plant some rebar deep in the floor, build a cement
block wall, fill the blocks with concrete, then have
the wall sprayed with Line-X all over.

Engine on one side, you and everything else on the

Why Line-X? A few years back it was discovered that
spray on polyurethane pickup bed liner (such as
Line-X, they're the company that discovered this)
makes masonry walls darn near bomb proof- or at least
holds the chunks together so the wall doesn't fall

There's a video out there showing a guy dropping a
Line-X covered concrete block off a building and the
block bounces.

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