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> no. compression ignition doesnt imply knock. in fact, a diesel will 
> have
> a nice, constant burn as fuel is injected.

The Internal Combustion Engine in Theory and Practice, by Charles 
Fayette Taylor:  Volume 2: Combustion, Fuels, Materials, Design.  pg. 

"In practice, most diesel engines have a rate of pressure rise 
sufficiently high to cause audible noise.  When such a noise becomes 
excessive in the opinion of the observer, the engine is said to 
'detonate' or 'knock'.  It is evident that personal judgment is here 
involved.  Thus, in the compression-ignition engine there is no 
definite distinction between normal and 'knocking' combustion.  It is 
merely a question of whether or not the rate of pressure rise is high 
enough to cause, in someone's judgment, objectionable noise or 
excessive vibration in the engine's structure."

> My engine is turbo'd. cooling the air will result in a denser air
> charge, and thus more power under boost.

A diesel will only make more power under boost when all of the 
available incoming air is used in combustion, i.e. at a very high 
power level.  In a street-driven vehicle, I would expect more power to 
be forthcoming from a diesel only when the pedal is mashed to the 
floor, and possibly not even that depending on road speed and gear 

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