[Diy_efi] water injection

gary gassr
Fri Sep 28 12:06:27 UTC 2007

Ian, are you stating the noisy ringing of combustion due to excessive 
vibration must result in mechanical damage to be considered detonation? 

There are various (3 ?) levels of detonation. In a gasoline engine the
lowest level can continue for extended periods of time without doing
any structural mechanical damage.


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>> It is merely a question of whether or not the rate of pressure rise 
>> is high enough to cause, in someone's judgment, objectionable 
>> noise or excessive vibration in the engine's structure." 
> That's a non-statement if ever I saw one...
> I think people were talking about knock meaning 'detonation' where 
> the fuel explodes, rather than burns.
> threes a very big difference between explosive and rapid combustion,
> even if the latter happens to be quite noisy. One will make a lot of
> noise and the other can separate the head from the block. In pieces.

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