[Diy_efi] FreeEMS XGATE Powered Sequential On LT1 V8!

Fred Cooke fred.cooke
Thu Sep 8 07:49:26 UTC 2011

Re-sending this as the first one never made it through! Original:

Sean has been hard at work creating ASM XGATE firmware for FreeEMS in order
to expand our pin count from 6 up to something like 36 and allow sequential
staged injection and coil on plug in large cylinder count engines. This
video is assembled from a bunch of clips that he sent me yesterday. I'm not
sure why he sent that last clip, when I got to that point of confidence in
FreeEMS I sold my MS2 for 400nzd, this seems wasteful.


This was made possible by Sean's XGATE binutils package which was developed
more or less in parallel with James Murray's XGATE binutils, because James
would not release his changes for a long long time. Full credit to Sean for
this achievement (both the tools and the firmware)! I take my hat off to him


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