[Diy_efi] FreeEMS XGATE Powered Sequential On LT1 V8!

Mike niche
Thu Sep 8 10:56:15 UTC 2011

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At 03:49 PM 9/8/2011, Fred Cooke wrote:
>Re-sending this as the first one never made it through! Original:
>Sean has been hard at work creating ASM XGATE firmware for FreeEMS in order to expand our pin count from 6 up to something like 36 and allow sequential staged injection and coil on plug in large cylinder count engines. This video is assembled from a bunch of clips that he sent me yesterday. I'm not sure why he sent that last clip, when I got to that point of confidence in FreeEMS I sold my MS2 for 400nzd, this seems wasteful.
>This was made possible by Sean's XGATE binutils package which was developed more or less in parallel with James Murray's XGATE binutils, because James would not release his changes for a long long time. Full credit to Sean for this achievement (both the tools and the firmware)! I take my hat off to him :-)
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