air-fuel ratio to temp

David Cooley cooldave at
Mon May 8 18:34:15 GMT 1995

>In the situation that Mr. Cooley writes about, will the oxygen sensor give
>a low reading (because the rich running cylinders are eating up all the
>O2)?  What time constants do typical 02 sensors exhibit?  What physics /
>chemistry is involved?  And finally, do any sensors (O2 or otherwise) have
>the time resolution to detect properties of individual exhaust pulses?  I
>would think even a pressure sensor might be useful. 
>Charles Mott

If you wanted to monitor every cyl, an O2 sensor has almost instantaneous
response once it is up to temp.  The sensors "switch" from lean to rich and
back again quite a few times a second as the mixture changes.  This would
give you the ability to tune individual cylinders on the fly.
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