air-fuel ratio to temp

Robert Gallant gallant at
Mon May 8 18:51:28 GMT 1995

> If you wanted to monitor every cyl, an O2 sensor has almost instantaneous
> response once it is up to temp.

Interesting.  When I started tuning my supercharged Rx7 I was told (by a guy who
builds special test engines for Cartech) that the O2 sensor responds too slow 
for full throttle high rpm measurements.  He said to use EGT for WOT/maximum 
boost tuning and suggested a "safe" setting of 1600-1700 F for the rotary.

One thing I noticed the other day while blasting up a hill the engine started to
detonate, yet the O2 sensor was still reading rich.  I immediately backed off 
and eased the car up in boost.  Sure enough, the O2 sensor started reading lean.


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