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dennis spoolboy at
Fri Jan 7 02:04:04 GMT 2000

You guys might want to take a close look at the injector setup on this page, as far as fuel supply is concerned. A cool site in-general. Not many MG's though.


>I have a similar problem, siamesed intake ports on my
>Spitfire. I am going to use 4 injectors installed on
>the stock manifold. I will mill 4 holes, at very
>shallow angles, two on each tube, as close to the head
>mating surface as possible. The holes will be
>'splayed' when viewed from the top, such that each
>injector will fire accross the centerline of the tube
>and into the intake port on the opposite side. The
>exact angles and position are chosen to hit as much of
>the intake valve and pocket, and avoid as much of the
>manifold and port walls as possible (it helped to have
>an extra cylinder head to work with). I will fit
>thinwall steel tubes into these holes (press fit if I
>can, JB Weld if too loose), and trim the inside flush
>with the manifold walls. This to provide a mounting
>boss and a smooth and consistent sealing surface for
>the lower injector O-rings. Splayed mounting requires
>fuel supply via individual fittings. I'm thinking of
>using brass T fittings (from brake systems), center
>hole reamed to fit upper O-ring, connected with
>aeroquip hoses or flared steel tubing.
>When retro-fitting injectors, we cannot always mount
>the them as closely to the valve pocket as we need.
>Thus, a narrow spray pattern may be preferred, to keep
>from wetting the walls.
>One thing that I have not seen on any of the lists is
>the characterization of spray patterns for different
>injectors. Everything is oriented towards flow rates,
>and impedance. The archive article on building an
>injector flow bench addresses inspection of the spray
>patterns, but I have not seen any info that would
>allow you to determine what pattern an injector has
>from it's part number or application. 
>Surely that information is available somewhere?
>Just my .02, good luck with your project!
>Carter Shore
>> there was some issue.  I would like to find a method
>> to 'add' 2 injectors to
>> an existing aluminium, or maybe a cast iron intake.
>> I don't see much around
>> for this, but I may be looking in the wrong place.
>> I'd rather not have a
>> fuel rail as the mounting sort of precludes that.
>> the mgb has a siaimesed intake design. 

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