[Diy_efi] o2 sensor Q

kenowski at uwm.edu kenowski at uwm.edu
Thu Apr 1 21:48:49 GMT 2004

Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that pretty much all older (1 
wire) o2 sensors function about the same, rite? reason I ask is b/c I've heard 
of people buying a cheaper o2 to replace thier (sometimes very costly) o.e. 
unit, just swappin' the connector... for example: some say I can buy a $40 
bosch one for a '90 mustang (I'll guess & say same p/n 4 a 3.8 or the 5.0L), do

a little soldering, and it works the same as the $130 bosch piece for my car -
 '83 528e W/ motronic... you guys seem to be very knowledgable, so can anyone 
tell me why (or why not?!?) this works; or what unforseen elements underline 
the cost difference?

2nd thing: I've seen schem. for LED style a/f meters here and there on the 
net.  Is there any one thats better than another? I'm not looking for anything 
really extravigant, just something w/ a good write-up; ya' know... 

3rd thing: to the guy having C.V. axle troubles - I've never had one I couldn't

get out w/ a hammer, although you need to do some thinking / supporting parts 
b4 you can smash it with the 8 lb. sledge; when they're real bad, and you gotta

go all out, you might need to dress the end of the shaft if you're re-using 
it... good luck!  
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