[Diy_efi] EPROM damage?

David Daniel ss396 at pinn.net
Sat Apr 10 03:36:14 GMT 2004

I'm new to this list...
My current project involves transplanting a TBI 4.3 V-6 from a '85 Monte
Carlo (1226868 ECM w/FYW broadcast code) into a '81 Malibu wagon.  The
engine ran great in the Monte, but I'm having some problems in the Malibu.
To start with, I seperated the entire ECM harness from the Monte and swapped
it over into the Malibu.  The engine starts fine, but the CEL stays lit, and
I'm not getting a "pump shot" when I blip the throttle, so the engine bogs
pretty bad.  I can move the TPS lever and nothing happens.  Also, when I
jumped the ALDL to pull the codes there are none set.  I swapped in a
#1228746 / AUML ECM from a '90 Caprice after checking the pin-outs just to
see if my original ECM was bad.  The engine ran, but not very well.  With
the  8746 ECM in place the CEL light went out, and I got a "pump shot" when
I move the TPS lever, so I figured my ECM was bad.  I replaced it with a
re-man unit from Autozone, and I'm getting the EXACT same symptoms.  I did
have a battery charger hooked to the battery while I was checking some of
the power connections to the original ECM.  Is it possible that I may have
fried the EPROM (I had to re-use my original EPROM in the replacement ECM)?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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