[Diy_efi] Hi and JECS injector question

Lorcan Parnell lorcan at 750turbo.com
Thu Apr 29 20:00:48 GMT 2004

My apologies for the lack of detail. Now that I have managed to confuse one
or two (including me!) perhaps the following will simplify things.

The Dynojet Powercommander 3 I want to use is intended for use on bikes with
high impedance (13-16ohm) sequential injectors. It has four inputs (one per
cyl) and 4 output wires.

The bike I want to fit it to has four low impedance (2.6ohm) batch-fired
injectors. The ECU has a single output trigger wire which goes to all 4
injectors (which I can tie to all 4 inputs on the PC3), and all 4 injectors
have a tied 12v feed direct to the battery.

 If I fit a resistor (10ohm?) to each output of the PC3 will each injector
get less
voltage than stock and open slower?

I don't want to get it wrong and fry the injectors, the PC3 or the ECU, so
thanks for the help!


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