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> Don't know the fuel system design or the needs for corrosion 
> resistance (salt water) but I was thinking a TBI automotive 
> pump too.  Something from the mid to late 80's/early 90's gm 
> will handle the pressure but would need mounted in the tank.  
> Ford had some pumps mounted on the frame rail externally, 
> such as some dual tank trucks and the midsize Ford LTD/ 
> Mercury Marquis.

No salt water so not so worried about corrosion, but generally items
that generate sparks that are used on inboard boat engines need some
kind of ignition suppression (starter, alternator, distributor).  The
fuel tank, lines, pump, etc. all sit back there next to the engine in a
closed area that can collect vapors easily.  No worries here with a
mechanical pump but an electric one?


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