[Diy_efi] GM V6 three connector DIS ign module pinout?

Tomas J. Sokorai Sch. tsokorai
Mon Apr 17 21:46:54 UTC 2006

On Monday 17 April 2006 10:43, Lee M. Lemoine wrote:
> Ok so a straight ignition module -- not an actual ECM then?
> This is from my car... ('93 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24, 3.1 liter MPFI V6 with
> DIS)
> http://garrett.turbochargedsoul.com/help/Ignition%20-%20Complete%20Picture.
> And the connector pinouts (which pin is A / B/ etc)
> http://garrett.turbochargedsoul.com/help/Ignition%20-%20no%20description).g

Thanks, that's what I was looking for!! ... but the sad part (for my 
wallet ;) , is that I wired the module right according to these pinouts when 
I tried to test it, and seems my ebay module came DOA.

Tomas J. Sokorai Sch.

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