[Diy_efi] need a switch

Mike niche
Sun Aug 6 18:47:59 UTC 2006

At 11:33 PM 8/6/06, you wrote:
>I inserted a pushbutton switch into a PCB project I'm working on, and
>now I can't find an actual switch that matches the PCB layout.  Maybe
>it's a European style?  Here's the PCB layout:
>Can anyone suggest where I might source a switch with this PCB pattern
>in the US?  I've been through the digikey catalog but can't find it.

(Took wordwrap off your post)

Looks to me like a Japanese one, similar to the ones I've sourced from Taiwan as
well, is this a momentary changeover. ie. Normally connects centre to left but when pressed
connects centre to right for period of press ?

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