[Diy_efi] Bosch 30014 transistor

Bill - Comcast b.shaw
Mon Aug 7 12:39:48 UTC 2006

Hey Stu,

Digichip shows a couple of high current diodes and a high current SCR 
with that part number.  Not the correct parts.  The failure probably 
could have happened either way,  but is commonly described as coil pack 
failure causing the DME failure on the BMW forums.  The new coil pack 
hasn't melted yet :-)

Thanks for the response,


Stuart Hall wrote:
>> Does anyone have a source for a 30014 transistor used in the Bosch 261
>> 200 402 DME?  This is in a '92  E36 series BMW.  One of the coil packs
>> fried and took out the coil driver in the ECU.
> Hi Bill, You could try www.digchip.com to search for that part... you 
> will need to register for free, and it is worth taking the time... 
> searching for that part number returned several hits for suppliers..
> You might want to double check it was the coil that caused the damage 
> too, I suspect that if the output transistor failed on it might have 
> cooked the coil pack instead of the other way around..
> hope this helps!
> Stu

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