[Diy_efi] 93 pontiac grand prix... I think the 3.1L auto

Lee M. Lemoine llemoine
Tue Aug 8 18:17:36 UTC 2006

Hey Jim,

The 3.1 is a pretty versatile motor -- depending upon what application your
removing it from (in your case, a W-body) it'll have a 127727 ECM -- very
modifiable.  I personally have a Mclaren 3.1 turbo which is essentially the
same block with a little different casting (oil returns, different oil
distribution system) -- and am running a haltech E6GM re-wired to work with
this engine...  If i had known that three years later there'd be as much
"plug and play" stuff out for the 3.1, i'd certainly have waited.

I'm sure there are many programs out there, GMECM seems neat, although i
haven't used it to do more than obtain the base timing tables for the
3.1turbo maps... (so i can program them into my haltech for base
however, it does support romulation -- running code off of a virtual "prom"
so that you can change values in real time...   Sounds maybe more like what
you may want to get into -- and those can be had for about $200 or so.

The stock ECM will be pretty quick to respond -- even to mild motors..
Mine's got (okay, HAD... before i melted my pistons) a pretty wild cam, a
ton of headwork, and the stock (for the mclaren) mahle low compression

Let me know if there is anything you may need some help with, i actually
picked up my 6th 3.1 yesterday, and plan to rebuild it to replace the
mclaren block currently in my vehicle.

-- Lee

On 8/8/06, Jim Butterfield <jimbutterfield at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I mostly work with ODBII type pontiacs, so im unfamilar... a buddy is
> wanting to take the eng trans from a 93 GP and use it in a sand rail... what
> type of computer does this have and how programable is it??? He will want to
> work the engine a little with a cam headers and even maybe some head work,
> so the VE for the speed density system will be a bit out of wack im sure....
> any help is appreciated... I will be searching some of the w-body/grand am /
> N-body sites as well for info, but was curious what this group has...
>   thx
>   jim
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