[Diy_efi] [slightly ot] Differential Pressure Measurement gauge, alternatives ?

Buck Williams buckwill33
Fri Sep 7 03:09:33 UTC 2007

if u do ;thisss the pumpp will then have to pump againtst turbo pressure plus normal atmost pressure,, if u put pump and reservaoir into hard coantainmeant ten pump will  be back to normal,,,,, u must open to add water anaway,,,its an old trubo re corvair traick, for water allcoanol booste, usee windshsiel washer pump in hard box and pressurize boxx, buck

> Subject: Re: [Diy_efi] [slightly ot] Differential Pressure Measurement gauge, alternatives ?> From: spyro at f2s.com> To: diy_efi at diy-efi.org> Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 03:08:37 +0100> > On Thu, 2007-09-06 at 18:38 -0700, Rick McLeod wrote:> > Nope. I wasn't assuming that, just suggesting to monitor w/ an> > electronic vs. mechanical/electrical apperatus.> > oh yeah. was intending to use electronics for control - after all - if> Im going to PWM an pump or a solenoid it makes no sense to use a> machanical method :)> > > A couple presure transducers, handful of resistors and caps, couple> > 741's (I'm showing my age here) and a LCD bargraph (analog input) and> > good to go, > > It occurs to me that I could take some load off the pump I use by using> a sealable water reservoir and fitting a (small!) pipe from the plenum> to the reservoir to presurise it (need a sturdy reservoir though).> probably a good idea to put a nonreturn valve in there too or I might> find the thing getting sucked upon / collapsing during negative boost> conditions...> > Hmm.> > Ok, Im going to need...> > 1) reservoir> 2) pump> 3) hose> 4) nozzle (metal, withotu parts that can fall into the plenum)> 5) solenoid capable of PWM> 6) pressure hose so that I can finally fit my dashboard boost guage> (need to measure stuff before and after!)> 7) pressure sensor to measure plenum pressure> 8) small PWM circuit to drive solenoid> 9) pressure regulator valve to control 'rail' pressure of the water> > optional:> > 10) peltier cooler to chill water entering the rail (remember, it> recirculates so the water in the reservoir will chill more and more over> time)> 11) plenum temp sensor (air temp sensor)> > > Most of thats simpe to sort.> > anyone who can recommend a nice quick responding temperature sensor to> measure plenum air temp, it'd be appreciated.> > actually, I might go for an electronic boost guage and ditch my> pneumatic one - its easier to hook up to a data logger.> > also recommendations for a nice adjustable pressure return valve> suitable for water use it'd be appreciated...> > > _______________________________________________> Diy_efi mailing list> Diy_efi at diy-efi.org> Subscribe: http://lists.diy-efi.org/mailman/listinfo/diy_efi> Main WWW page: http://www.diy-efi.org/diy_efi

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